Hybrid Electric Marine Propulsion

Did you know that you can massively reduce your dependence on diesel, by using your batteries to power your boat’s prop?

Electric propulsion and hybrid engines have been around for some time in the automobile industry, and now the same clean, green and cost-effective technology is also available for your yacht.

Why use hybrid yacht propulsion?

Cleaner and greener

Reduce your carbon keel-print with an electric hybrid propulsion system. Less fossil fuels burned to power your prop means less harmful carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

More cost-effective

With the cost of fossil fuels rising, it makes sense to reduce your need for diesel. Diesel electric hybrid propulsion systems mean fewer trips to the fuel dock, and more money in your pocket to cruise further and for longer.

Quiet and lightweight, yet high performance

Hybrid engines are typically quieter smaller and lighter than diesel engines, and you can still enjoy the same performance as you would from your noisy, dirty, heavy diesel motor.

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