3.0kW TrinaBess – AC-AC Coupled Battery inverter w/LiFePo4 Battery (4.8kWh / 7.2kWh / 9.6kWh) Energy Storage System


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3.0kW TrinaBess – AC-AC Coupled Battery inverter w/LiFePo4 Battery (4.8kWh / 7.2kWh / 9.6kWh)

4.8kWh Energy Storage System including Lithium Ion Battery and Inverter suitable to retrofit to most single phase grid connect solar systems.
This Package Includes: Quantity:
TrinaBess 2.4kWh lithium battery t/suit PowerCube2.0 & Mini ESS2.4KWHLITHBATTRB 2
Trina BEST PowerCube 2.0 Battery Enclosure Only – White ESSPC2ENCLTRB 1
Trina BEST Powerbox Hybrid Inverter for Powercube 2.0 & Mini ESSPWRBOXTRB 1
PowerCube 2.0
Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah (2 battery packs)
Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Energy Capacity 4.8kWh (2 battery packs)
Usable Capacity / Max DOD 90%
Standard  Charging & Discharging Current 50A (2 battery packs)
Interface CAN, RS485
Working Temp -10℃~50℃
Storage Temp -25℃~60℃
Round-trip DC Efficiency 92.50%
Dimension W x H x  D 600mm x 1000mm x  210mm
Weight 70kg (2 battery packs)
Protection Level IP54
Warranty 10 years
Power rating 3kVA
Surge Power Rating 4.5kVA for 10 seconds,  3.6kVA for 30 seconds
Rated output voltage 230V
Maximum Output Current 13A
Output current range 180-270V
Grid Frequency 44-55Hz
THD <3%
Power Factor 1 (selectable +/-0.8)
Output type Single Phase
Max Charging efficiency 94.50%
Max Discharging Efficiency 94%
Standby power <5W
Topology High Frequency Isolation Transformer
Protection class IP65
Protections Anti-islanding, Current leakage detection, ground-fault detection
Certifications AS4777, VDE0126-1-1, G83-2, RD1699, UTEC15-712-1, EN50438,   VDE-AR-N4105
Communications WiFi, RS485, CAN2.0
Ambient temperature -25℃~60℃
Humidity 0~95%
CT’s (Current Transformers) 2 supplied, external connection
Noise levels <25dB
Weight 16kg
Cooling method Natural convection
Dimensions W x H x  D 532mm  x  360mm  x 173  mm
Display LCD,  PC via WiFi, or Web Portal
Warranty 5 Years



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4.8kWh LiFePo4 Battery, 7.2kWh LiFePo4 Battery, 9.6kWh LiFePo4 Battery


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