200 AHR Lithium Battery

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Yttrium LiFePO4 200 Ah Exclusively available from Trans Marine is Yttrium Iron Phosphate batteries which improve battery life, safety and thermal characteristics. Iron phosphate is one of the safest batteries in the Lithium battery family mainly due to a strong oxygen bond with phosphorous that reduces thermal runaways at high voltages. Yttrium a rare earth metal is known for its thermal characteristics, most often used on high performance spark plugs to reduce damage from heat and oxidation from elements under high temperature. Yttrium batteries operate at lower voltage of 4.0 volts max and have longer life than a LFP battery  which operates as high as 4.2 volts and more prone to thermal runaways



200 AHR Lithium Battery

Type Lithium Iron Phosphate with Yttrium (LiYFePO4)
Capacity Amp Hours 200 Ahr 1-Hour Rate
Energy (kWhr) .650 (2275 kWhr Lifetime)
Capacity (Minutes) 480 at 25 amps | 160 at 75 amps
Life Cycle at 0.5 C discharge rate 17,500 at 20% max discharge | 7,000 at 50% max discharge | 3,500 at 80% max discharge
Discharge rate continuous 100 amps
Max discharge rate 300 amps (60 secs)
Max Charge rate 100 amps at 3.55 volts
Operating Temperature -20 deg F to 150 deg F to
Charge/Discharge efficiency 96% efficiency
Self discharge rate 1-2 % per month
Max Storage Voltage 3.4 volts at 82 deg F
Shelf Storage life 5 years at 60% State of Charge (SOC)
Cell type Fan folded large format prismatic deep cycle
Weight 8.6 kg | 19 lbs
Dimensions 362(L)X 56(W) X 256(H) mm | 14.1(L)X 2.2(W) X 10(H) inches
Nominal voltage 3.25 volts per cell
Max cell voltage 4.0 volts per cell
Minimum cell voltage 2.5 volts per cell
Battery Charging at 0.5C BMS, DC Bus contactor control, charge warning:3.55 vdc, charge fault:3.8 vdc | discharge warning: 2.8 vdc, discharge fault 2.6 vdc
Battery Discharging at 0.5C BMS, DC Bus contactor control, discharge warning: 2.8 vdc, discharge fault 2.6 vdc
Over current/Short 300 amp inline fuse
Cell balancing Cell balancing at 0.5 – 1.0 amps
Over temperature Temperature sensors per cell

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Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 36.1 x 5.6 x 25.6 cm


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