QuietTorque 3.6 DD – Direct Low Profile Motor

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QuietTorque 5.0

The QuietTorque™ 5.0 recommended for boats up to 29’ (LOA) and 7,000lbs displacement.

Typically programmed and sized to push boat at cruising or harbor speed. Typical battery size is 100Ah 48v or more.

QuietTorque 5.0 Product Data Sheet




QuietTorque 3.6 DD – Direct Low Profile Motor

The QuietTorque™ 2.5 recommended for boats up to 25’ (LOA) and 4,000lbs displacement.
Typically replaces gas or diesel engines of 5hp to 12hp. Typical battery size is 100 – 200Ah.

Motor type PMAC* brushless motor
Voltage 36Vdc nom (24-44Vdc)
Max. Input Power 3.6 kW
Cont. Input Power 3.0 kW
Shaft size ¾ to 1 ¼ inch and metric
Weight 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Frame Anodized Aluminum
Shaft Stainless Steel
*Permanent Magnet Alternating Current

Standard Features
Motor Mounts Adjustable Mounts to current engine stringers
Throttle Anodized Al waterproof throttle with key & neutral lock
System Monitor Programmable digital display
 State of Charge (SOC)
 Voltage, Current, Power and RPM
 Time to discharge (TTD)
 Programmable regeneration and max power
 Programmable RH or LH propeller rotation
 Programmable for flooded, AGM and LiFePO4
battery type and size
Shaft coupler Stainless steel coupler
Power Switch Blue Sea two position switch
Relay 500A TE Connectivity vacuum relay
Fuse Class-T fuse & holder

Computer generated performance projections
Three year warranty
Designed for customer installation
The QuietTorque™ 5.0 is very complete and includes everything needed except for batteries, battery cables and charger. Contact us directly or through a dealers for help designing a complete system to meet your needs.

QuietTorque 3.6 Product Data Sheet 17Jan2018 (003)


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Weight 20.5 kg


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