Mini BMS Cell Module


Mini BMS Cell Module

MiniBMS Cell Module – this is individual cell module which installs on prismatic LiFePo4 cells.

Get one cell module for each cell or for each group of cells connected in parallel if your pack contains groups of smaller cells in series/parallel configuration. See MiniBMS User Guide for details.

When ordering, select correct HVC voltage for your cell model. 3.8V is typically used on Thundersky/Winston/Sinopoly cells, while 3.6V is used on all others.

*Refer to table below for board sizes

MiniBMS V3 User Manual



Mini BMS Cell Module

Use this table to select most appropriate board size for your cells:

Board Type Price Bolt Size Ring Size Max terminal spacing Examples of cell models
A $35.00 M6 1/4″ 85 mm HiPower 60 AH, CALB/TS 40-60 AH, GBS 40-100 AH
B $35.00 M8 5/16″ 115 mm CALB/TS/Winston/Sinopoly 90-200 AH
C $36.00 M10 3/8″ 145 mm HiPower 100AH, RealForce 80-220AH
D M12 1/2″ not available
E $37.50 M14/M16 5/8″ 240 mm HiPower 160-300 AH, CALB/TS 300-700 AH


Additional information


A, B, C, E

HVC Voltage

3.6V – LiFePO4 Cells, 3.8V – LiFePO4 Cells


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