Lead Crystal Battery Monitor

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Lead Crystal Battery Monitor

The Lead Crystal Battery Monitor will allow remote monitoring and data logging of Lead Crystal Batteries.

  • 275 Amp Shunt measures volts and Amps in millivolts bi-directional
  • LED’s to show direction of charge current, Bluetooth and WiFi capable
  • Online Dashboard so you can remotely monitor data (access multiple units)
  • Pitch, Yaw, Accelerometer, decelerometer and G-Force sensors (Loggable)
  • On-board Mirco SD Card can record all data for 6 years by the second
  • Works with Lead Crystal Batteries low resistance and efficiency

 The LCBM is an industry first, state of the art device used to manage the battery pack and ensure longevity

  • An LCBM unit monitors how a battery is used, records, and stores on-board the flow of power in and out of a battery in 3 second intervals. Temperature, voltage in, voltage out, amps in and amps out is logged on board on an SD card that can store 20 years’ worth of data.
  • For fleet application, LCBM has built in sensors and alarms that can be utilized to alert a fleet manager if one of the systems are not being used correctly. Electric vehicles can be monitored and return to the charging bay well in advance of running out of power. The LCBM can also be used as a means of ensuring the system complies with warranty conditions and to help extend the battery use life by monitoring correct charge cycles.
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