HELLA Marine White LED DuraLED 36 Lamps

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Heavy duty marine lamps. Outstanding light intensity, class leading efficiency and proven durability. DuraLed lamps provide powerful white light and a safe, energy efficient and reliable alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

Purposely designed for engine rooms, storage lockers, lazarettes and many heavy duty applications where reliability must not be compromised. Advanced Hella marine lens and optic engineering ensures an ultra wide spread of light without glare or harsh point sources. The range offers three peak intensity levels, all with a very wide spread of light.
Product reliability is second to none, proven worldwide in thousands of highly demanding applications. Each lamp is completely sealed, impact resistant and shock resistant, ensuring an ultra long service life. Each lamp is pre-wired with 2.5m of twin core marine cable for time saving and completely sealed electrical connections.
DuraLed lamps are surface mounted and feature a unique installation system where the fastening load is taken up by a heavy duty nylon bush to eliminate possible stress on the lamp housing.
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