Digital Duo Charge 12/24v w/Wires

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The Balmar DDC-12/24 Digital Duo Charge provides a safe, intelligent alternative for the care of your vessel’s engine starting battery. Unlike switches, isolators and other charge splitting devices, the Duo Charge is mounted between the vessel’s house and starting batteries rather than between the alternator and batteries. This allows the alternator and regulator to concentrate output based on the house battery’s needs. When the Duo Charge senses charging voltage at the house battery, it works like a DC to- DC battery charger, providing up to 30 amps of regulated charging current to support the starting battery.

In most installations, the Duo Charge requires just four wires for operation; a fused input wire, a fused output wire, a ground wire and an ON/OFF wire. In applications where the Duo Charge is used to supply a battery bank that may require more than 30 amps of regulated charging current, the Duo Charge may be used to manually control an external solenoid.


  • The Balmar DDC-12/24 Digital Duo Charge delivers current and voltage controlled charging from the house battery to the starting battery, eliminating the need for an isolator or battery switches
  • During charging, the Duo Charge monitors the house battery
  • When the house battery voltage exceeds the set minimum (typically 13 volts in a 12-volt system), the Duo Charge automatically engages, providing up to 30 amps to the starting battery
  • When no charge source is present, the Duo Charge separates the batteries, so the starting battery won’t suffer from unintentional discharge
  • An Optional Solenoid Control enables higher charging output when required (Solenoid can be purchased separately and is not included in this kit)
  • This kit includes input / output wiring
  • Preset programs for gel, AGM, standard and deep cycle flooded batteries allow mixing of house and start battery technologies
  • Battery temperature sensing requires Optional MC-TS-B sensor cable
  • Limited one year warranty

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