Balmar 6-Series High Output Alternator


We may get in hot water with a certain fast food king – but there’s no question that Balmar’s 6-Series high output  alternator is engineered to let you “have it your way”.
Available in outputs ranging from 70 amps to 150 amps, in 12-volt and 24-volt configurations, 6-Series alternators feature patented Smart Ready® internal voltage regulation that allows you to choose between stand alone internally regulated operation, or use with Balmar’s multi-stage Max Charge or ARS-5 voltage regulators to get the most out of your charging system.  Balmar’s 6-Series alternators come in three mounting styles to fit just about any marine gas or diesel engine application; a 3.15″I.D. saddle style mount that’s perfect for most Yanmar engines and other applications using an Hitachi-type dual foot mount, a spindle style single foot mount that easily converts to replace 1″ Motorola or 2″ Delco-style mounts, and a 4″I.D. saddle mount for J-180-style engine configurations.  All Smart Ready 6-Series alternators come standard with dual internal cooling fans, fixed voltage internal regulation, dedicated isolated ground, lamp circuit, and multi-position tensioning crown.  Durable white powdercoat finish keeps your alternator looking ship-shape. Meets USCG Title 33, J1171, 8838, CE ignition protection standards. One-year limited warranty.

• Patented Smart Ready® regulator
• Isolated ground termination
• For gas or diesel engines
• Safe to 15,000 RPM
• Meets multiple ignition standards
• Constructed in Arlington, WA
• Four popular mounts
• 12V and 24V models


Additional information

Weight N/A

12 V, 24 V


70 amp, 100 amp, 120 amp, 150 amp

Mounting Foot

Single Foot 1" and 2", Dual Foot 3.15", Dual Foot 4"

Belt Size

Single 3/8", Single 1/2", Dual 1/2"


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