Suntech Solar modules

4.0kW Solar Panel Kits Delta String Inverter

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4.0kW Solar Panel Kits Delta String Inverter

Suntech modules (260W / 275W / 290W / 310W) at discounted rate
 Delta string inverters
 Clenergy array structure
flat to roof – iron roof configuration
other mounting configurations available upon request
AS/NZ1170.2-2011 Amdt 3-2012 Approved
 Twin-core 4mm2 solar PV cabling
complete with MC4 connectors
 MCB lockable isolator
 DC string inverter label kit
 Wiring schematics available for all the kit sets.
 Array earth cable and cable penetrations hardware is not included.
 AC wiring components are not included (AC isolator, cable, conduit, MCB)
 System monitoring componentry excluded in pricing.

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4.0kW Solar Panel Kits Delta String Inverter

**Installation costs and Electricity Providers permits extra

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260W (4.16kW), 275W (4.40kW), 290W (4.06kW), 310W (4.34kW)


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